Charge Your Phone 33 Percent Faster With This $30 Amazon’s Pick Portable Charger

If your phone always seems to be hovering around the 10% charged mark, a battery life extender is guaranteed to be a lifesaver — and we found the best one. Currently an Amazon exclusive, The $30 Anker Portable Charger Opens a New Window. will allow you to stay connected without having to charge your device overnight for a full days use.

With a whopping 33% faster charging capacity than traditional chargers, Anker chargers Opens a New Window. will always keep you in the know. Complete with a compact design, easy compatibility with both Apple and Android devices and a battery that can provide multiple full charges, this power bank is simply a must-have.

Only $30 the Anker Portable Charger Opens a New Window. is an innovative tool that’s perfect for simplifying your lifestyle and charge you on the go. This tool features cutting edge wireless technology to keep you connected for work, play and beyond. Better yet, it’s available on Amazon Prime, so you can get your charge on ASAP.

The best part? The Anker comes equipped with an 18-month warranty, travel pouch and micro USB cable. That’s right! If anything happens to your charger you can count on getting a replacement. Pretty sweet, right?

If you’re looking for a multitasking tool that does more than just charge your phone, Anker has you covered. Cooking? The PowerPort Wireless Stand Opens a New Window. doubles as a charger and viewing stand to keep you entertained while you chef it up in the kitchen. Hosting a game night? The PowerPort Wireless Pad Opens a New Window. will charge devices without the need of a cable. Just place your device on the pad, charge and go